The quality of your home is largely determined by how well your contractor manages the entire process. At Firelight we select the finest products, practices, and partners available on all our projects. Quite simply, we deliver from the ground up.

In order to keep a project on track to meet expectations, a solid building process is a must. Consider our process the framework for operations. Your specific needs fill in all the blanks. Firelight combines the best construction management software with time proven refined processes for all of our homeowners. You will be able to view your schedule, interface with our trades & vendors, consult with your designer, track your budget, and much more, all through a personal website portal. We have a systematic quality process right from the start. You will be aware of this through regular formal meetings, free form consults, or job site visits, whatever suits your needs. The net result is a building experience with Firelight Homes that provides a full visibility platform, personalized communication, and a timely and cost effective project delivery.

Put simply, we want you to have the best possible building experience.