What’s GREEN got to do with your home? These days we hear the term every time we turn around, and quite frankly it gets confusing. The message becomes lost.

Ever hear the term “leave no footprints behind” when out in the wild?

In essence, “green building” is just like that for your home. It is the practice of using all available means to design and build a project so that the process, and the end result, is the wisest use of all materials, and natural resources, over the life of the structure…minimal impact. This could include the use of “sustainable” and recycled materials during construction, installing HVAC systems, plumbing, lighting, and appliances with high energy efficiency, re designing and upgrading the “envelope” of the exterior shell for the climate through proper windows, doors and insulation, using healthier interior products and systems so that air quality improves, lowering water usage where possible, and placing the structure so that it effectively uses the environment for the benefit of your family. The possibilities are unique to each home and site.

In short, if we could design the ideal home it would cost you, and the environment, as little as possible, and be a healthier place to live. You’ll be doing your part today, and for the future.